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    Just received this and it appears to be exactly what I was looking for: LG Car Mount 4 5 6" Cradle Holder SMARTFIT2 for WCP 300 WCP300 Qi Wireless LG | eBay
    It does not come with the Qi charger (LG WCP-300), I had heard that a PowerBot puck (Amazon.com: PowerBot® PB1020 Qi Enabled Wireless Charger Inductive Charging Pad Station for All Qi Standard Compatible Devices Including Samsung, iPhone, Nokia, Google, Nexus, LG, HTC and Other Smartphones with Receivers (AC Adapter Excluded. 2 x Mi) would work and it does.
    At $49.99 without the charger it is a bit cost prohibitive but since I already have several "pucks" it wasn't so bad.
    It has a basic base that I could give or take, I plan to use an old Ram Mount base (see pics).
    It has a great one handed operation for releasing the phone and that was important for me. Some of the other units require prying the phone out from between the prongs that are heavily spring loaded...pain in the ***. This unit has a button underneath that releases the tension of the prongs.
    I like installing the phone with 2 hands because it allows me to regulate the amount of pressure I want to use to hold the phone in place. The prongs have red rubber grips that appear to hold the phone very comfortably.
    The unit uses a micro USB (not included) versus the Nokia's that have a proprietary charging cord.

    Even hold the phone with a case.

    Various mounts from old car docks, not sure yet what will work best.

    My old set up, glued a Nokia DT-900 (http://www.amazon.com/Nokia-DT-900-Wireless-Charging-Plate/dp/B00A3NCC5K/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1409078305&sr=8-1&keywords=nokia+qi+charger) to a universal mount. Screwed additional arms on the unit because the phone slipped out once.

    I will post pics once I decide where and how I want to mount the unit in the vehicle.
    08-26-2014 02:52 PM
  2. BBSeattle's Avatar
    Decided to go with the Ram mount base (sorry for some of the crappy pics).

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    08-27-2014 05:30 PM
  3. the_newnormal's Avatar
    Awesome, thanks for sharing. I've been musing over how to get a qi car mount going. Your pictures are very helpful
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    08-28-2014 03:44 AM
  4. albie999's Avatar
    Hows the charging rate with this setup?
    08-28-2014 04:09 AM
  5. BBSeattle's Avatar
    Best guess is about 70% give or take compared to the the USB charger.
    Left the house yesterday at 97%, drove one and a half hours with Nav and Pandora on and arrived at my destination with 97%.
    Did the same thing back but turned the screen off and ended up with 98%.
    I find that it charges just fine while on stand by. Also charges fine with a cover on and the flip folded back.
    The mount holds the phone snuggly with no concerns of it falling out.

    Hows the charging rate with this setup?
    08-28-2014 10:08 AM
  6. bembol's Avatar
    Great the idea but I'm just a not fan of the mount itself. I love my Mountek, where it mounts in the CD player. Not only it gives it a cleaner look but the placement is perfect in my coupe.
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    08-28-2014 10:36 AM
  7. BBSeattle's Avatar
    Which version of the Mountek do you have? I see there are magnetic, snap and one that looks like a universal with adjustable clamps?
    The look is good on these (CD mount) but for some reason I just can't bring myself to put something in the CD slot. Not to mention my stereo is too low and I would have to look down while driving. I have mine set up so my eyesight is always level with the road.

    Great the idea but I'm just a not fan of the mount itself. I love my Mountek, where it mounts in the CD player. Not only it gives it a cleaner look but the placement is perfect in my coupe.
    08-28-2014 11:12 AM
  8. bembol's Avatar
    I have the Snap but switching back to Grip whenever it becomes available. Dealing with the metal badges is a PITA.

    I guess it depends on what you drive, my CD placement is perfect.
    08-28-2014 11:45 AM

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