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    So quick question for you guys. I've had no issues charging my phone so i splurged a little and purchased the qi nfc sticker to support wireless charging, no problems yet,my phone still charges fast with the official g3 cable, i order a cheap wireless charger off Amazon and i get and begin charging my phone wirelessly, i notice that the notification to center the phone properly keeps coming up , i center it and go take a shower and watch the news for a bit, i come back to my phone and the notification to center the phone again is up and i notice that i only gained 1percent charge. So i switch to just plug In the cable to my phone and charge that way only to find out that my phone now seems to be stuck on extra slow charging, it takes a full hour to get 3-4 percent, I've restarted it, taken the battery out, even backed it up and have gone to factory settings but nothing, is my battery screwed? I left it charging over night and out won't charge over 73 percent
    08-28-2014 02:07 AM

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