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    I got my charging back that I ordered from ebay about a week ago and after a week, I can say that it was $40 well spent. I was skeptical after I ordered because the seller contacted me saying that he had to send back the first shipment because he didn't like the fit and finish. I was thinking, "Here we go, the run around to keep my money, then deliver a crappy product 6 months from now." But actually I'm happy with the product. It looks good, fit and finish are great and it even wirelessly charges in the Spigen case I have on the phone. Sometimes I'll get a slow charging alert, but all I typically have to do is reposition the phone on the charger. On my main TYLT and Nokia DT910 Qi chargers, I've never received that slow charging alert. So all in all, I'm extremely happy with the purchase.

    ebay - LG G3 Wireless Qi Charging Battery Door for US Models Sprint Verizon T Mobile | eBay

    Qi charging back cover-wp_20140522_002-1-.jpg
    08-29-2014 02:34 PM

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