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    So I had a chance to play with a Moto X for a while. it's a nice phone. Very good looking. But it's not replacing my G3!

    Display - the G3 display is much better. I know the blogs are saying you can't see a difference most of the time. The blogs are wrong. The colors are better on the G3. Reading is much easier on the G3. Compared to the G3, the X looks a bit fuzzy when reading on an app such as the Kindle. Also you cannot get the range of brightness control on the X that you can on the G3.

    Comfort. I know everyone loved the X from last year. I sure did. But the new one, not so much. Metal, done right, is great. But the metal on the new X sucks. The corners are abrupt and sharp, and it's no fun to hold on to. It needs a case to be comfortable. But then, what's the point of the pretty metal? The G3 is a bit better in that regard. Sizes are very similar with the G3 being slightly wider. That makes it a little more difficult to hold, but still more comfortable bare than the X.

    Sound. Well, the X kicks the G3s **** here. I made calls and played music. Holy crap, the X sounds fantastic as a music player. It even wipes the floor with the M8. Just incredible.

    Performance. The X is smooth and stutter free. But I put Nova launcher on the G3, and it is as well. Otherwise they are both very fast machines.

    Battery. The G3 whips the X easily. After a couple hours reading, I'm down to 95% battery with the G3. The X is down to 82%.

    I do prefer the clean presentation of Android on the X. But LG cleaned up their act and the G3 is very good. So while I do like the X, it's not going to beat the G3 in any significant way except for speaker sound. The X is a nice phone, but the G is better overall. And I am now so used to knock-on and buttons on the back, I'm all confused by the X I can live without the live notifications and the hand-wavy thing the X does. The human interface of the G3 is just as good. Different, but good.
    10-21-2014 06:05 AM

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