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    I would like my LG G3's indicator light to blink but not vibrate when I receive an email to my Gmail account. It seems that there is a bug that prevents me from doing this, however. (When I receive a text, I want it to vibrate, so I can't turn of vibration completely.)

    I have found the "Notifications" toggle with in Gmail's settings (Vertical Triple Dot -> Settings -> my_email_address). If I check that box, the phone will both vibrate and blink on an email. If I uncheck that box, it will do neither.

    If I go further into the settings to "Inbox sound & vibrate", I see a toggle for "Vibrate". This toggle seems to do nothing. If unchecked, the phone still vibrates when I get an email. Is my phone buggy?

    I bought this phone yesterday. I've tried restarting the phone and updating the Gmail app. I have Verizon. The Gmail app claims to be version 4.9 (1271612). The system software is 4.2.2 with VS98510B build.

    Does anyone know if this a known bug? Is there a fix? Is there another way to make Gmail notify (blink) but not vibrate on a new email?

    10-24-2014 12:22 PM

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