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    So I have a T-Mobile G3, and I noticed something strange today.

    My battery died, and I placed it on the charger at 4:30pm and left the phone off. At 4:45 I looked at the phone and it was at 21% so I put it down.

    Around 4:45 I had to move my charger, due to some work being done at my work station, and it was at 25%. I decided to re-seat the battery by removing it and placing it back in the phone. Nothing major.

    I go to plug in the phone, and my phone tells me that it is 46% charged? That doesnt make any sense. I have been dealing with some drain issues and was comtemplating calling T-Mobile, but I'm perplexed on what it could be. Anyone want to chime in on this?

    Long time member of AC, first time forum poster.
    11-12-2014 04:15 PM
  2. anon(5600632)'s Avatar
    You can find lots of threads on AC about mysterious battery drain. Many theories, not much hard data. You'll find all sorts of screenshots from battery monitors, wake lock detectors, etc., but it's still guesswork. Possible explanations:

    Hardware defects (battery or phone)
    Google background updating - it seems you can't keep a charge for a day or two, then everything goes back to normal. You already pulled your battery, which most agree is a good fix.
    Somebody else's app, a rogue app, running in the background. Try rebooting in safe mode and watching for awhile to see if that helps.
    Clear your caches (settings-storage-cache)
    Change the Location reporting (google settings-location; turn off location reporting and switch to battery saver mode, where it doesn't use the GPS)
    Poor signal and your phone is killing itself looking for networks.
    Manufacturer or Carrier apps running in the background - if you don't need these (I don't know anyone who does), most, but not all of them, can be disabled through Settings-application manager.
    You can try battery saver apps - I'm not a fan. But I do like WiFi Matic (by Prados, not the others with similar names), which seems to help several of my different phones.
    11-12-2014 05:12 PM

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