1. coachpelkey's Avatar
    I am starting to use my g3 in my car via the aux. I was wondering what music player you folks used to get the best sound.... I know the radio system has alot to do with it too but I was curious. I have tried...
    Player Pro
    Jet audio

    I like player pro, it has been an old friend through my EVO and sg3 but was curious about what you liked.

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    11-22-2014 08:06 AM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I don't have the G3, but I do love PowerAmp. Has been able to play almost every file I have thrown at it.
    11-22-2014 08:32 AM
  3. coachpelkey's Avatar
    Yea, I used that... Very nice
    11-22-2014 08:36 AM
  4. psp1232171's Avatar
    Neutron music app sounds great and actually Google play music (I set to downloaded music only) sounds pretty good in the car.

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    11-22-2014 09:23 AM
  5. BORIStheBLADE's Avatar
    I actually think the stock music player sounds good. I dont use anything else.
    11-22-2014 10:07 AM
  6. coachpelkey's Avatar
    I just got a Chevy cruze... To get a solid sound I have to put Car volume up past half way...
    11-22-2014 11:01 AM
  7. stevovr's Avatar
    Zplayer or Musixmatch
    11-22-2014 11:33 AM
  8. joebloggs13's Avatar
    I have tried many, many players, both free and paid. I was never really satisfied...there was always something I didn't like, until now. I was surprised myself, but I think, for me right now, nothing beats Google Play music. The interface is good, and the fact that my Google Music library is growing, it's the logical choice. I also like the sound quality. Very happy.

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    11-22-2014 01:55 PM
  9. kj11's Avatar
    I've tried pretty much every music player out there and haven't found anything special. The stock app is just fine
    11-22-2014 06:10 PM
  10. frope01's Avatar
    I use Poweramp only in the car. The equalizer and tone controls are far better than any of the others I have tried. My system sounds great and the adjustability of Poweramp gives me the best results.
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    11-23-2014 08:29 AM
  11. tsarcams's Avatar
    shuttle+ and google play

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    11-23-2014 01:35 PM
  12. coachpelkey's Avatar
    I found DFX Player Pro and it rocks.
    I would highly recommend it.

    Great sound.
    11-25-2014 11:16 AM

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