1. laurajo0228's Avatar
    I have a LG g3 and lately, all the search pages are not loading. The first and last page loads, but nothing in between. Is anyone else having this problem or does anyone know how to fix it?
    11-22-2014 08:18 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Is this when using Google Search? Try going to Settings>Apps>All, select Google Search, and Clear Cache/Clear Data. Now try again.
    11-23-2014 01:17 AM
  3. Wikh's Avatar
    I have the same! But no idea about fixing it.
    11-28-2014 02:32 PM
  4. Tcbemis's Avatar
    Try restarting your phone? It's happened to me and that's helped.
    11-29-2014 07:42 PM
  5. DanielFariasV's Avatar
    Im having the same problem, I've been using the stock browser since then, its kind of annoying.
    11-29-2014 10:43 PM

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