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    I'm getting a little bit insane about it cuz I never felt so undecided at any matter 😁 I always install and delete some kind of launchers for the quest for a different look. But every time that launchers succeed at disappointing me. Every one of them has a weakness and plus, makes me feel like using an only different kind of home screen. You know what I mean you have a beautiful customized home screen and icons but you tap on the dialer and you see the same old ****. Or when you have an incoming call you see the same again. I'm a little bit convinced that launchers are nothing but a balloon blown excessively and made the people busy to customize nothing but only a home screen. Even no lock screen, only home screen 😂 for that simple and cheesy goal I don't want to change the interface. If I'm to change something, I'd like to change and customize it completely. Now here come custom roms. In fact of being a must to flash the device and lose all the data and breaking the warranty; or discussable reliableness of that roms I feel I have to maintain my cautious approach towards them. What are your suggestions?

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    11-24-2014 01:45 AM
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    Roms can be fun just make sure you read all the how to threads and also look at some of the problems other people have and how they solved them, that will save you time at the end. Now with out root you can change the look with a launcher like Nova and also you can change the lock screen with an app like Widget locker. With custom roms there is always more options but also comes with alot of time to put into reading the about the rom making sure it fits your needs also when you flash loosing and setting back up the phone. When I had my S3 I was on Rom after Rom cause I was a crack flasher.

    I would try using a custom launcher and a lock screen replacement if that does not fit the bill then look at root and go from there.

    Bit of advice don't rush into flashing until you understand what you are doing. To many people screw their phone up cause they didn't read all the material.
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    11-24-2014 07:40 AM
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    I use a custom launcher, Nova Prime, not so much because I can theme it (although I do, in limited ways), but because of the functional advantages. And in the case of the G3, the performance advantages.

    Nova just does so many useful things that stock launchers don't it's well worth the few bucks and time to set it up. And replacing the stock G3 launcher with Nova eliminates most of the lag people complain about. Replacing the keyboard eliminates another most of the remaining lag.

    As far as ROMs, I'm less interested in them than I used to be. I'm not one of those who thinks vanilla Android is something to fall in love with. I've used custom ROMs in the past because they really did add a lot of features that stock ROMs didn't have, and offered noticeably better performance. But with the G3 I'm happy with rooting, freezing bloat, making a few performance tweaks, and using xposed modules to get the functions you used to get only with custom ROMs.

    But with with no xposed support for Lollipop (at least for now - maybe forever), and with Lollipop so locked down compared to earlier versions, custom ROMs may become more important to me once again.

    As far as ROM reliability, it really depends on the ROM. Some are very good, others not so much. I never install an early version of a ROM, letting others work out the bugs. And I don't install a major revision of a ROM until others have used it and reported back. As far as losing data, yes and no. To flash a ROM, you need to be rooted, and if you're rooted you can use Titanium Backup or Helium backup to back up all your apps and user data, and restore them after the new ROM is flashed.
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    11-24-2014 09:40 AM
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    Yes you re right I thought so about that roms. But I used nova prime either I think its the best of the worse I might use it if it had a function to use knock on and knock code. I barely use the power button and I'm now pretty fast at unlocking the screen with knock code 😂
    But if know how to enable that stuff on nova prime, I may give that launcher a go once again

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    11-24-2014 01:34 PM
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    Go and download an app called Screen Off, it allows you to turn the phone off. Set that app to the double tap gesture and it'll shut off.

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    11-27-2014 01:14 PM
  6. MORANDCHI's Avatar
    I use Nova Launcher Prime, with the screen off app to use the double tap and turn off the screen. I used to flash rom's when I had my thunderbolt. I haven't flashed any Rom's in years. I guess since I buy my phones outright I don't feel like messing it up.

    11-27-2014 02:22 PM

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