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    Will the camera rock in low right? I have been using Lumia 920 since it launch and the photos are blast! Well I thinking to jump the wagon back to Android as there's not much great flagship on windows phone, LG G3 seems good since the price are almost the same as One Plus One in Malaysia so thinking to getting one...

    p/s: Don't let the folks from WindowsCentral find out I am here!
    12-11-2014 01:48 AM
  2. bradm77's Avatar
    If this is any help to you, here is my timeline the last 2 years:

    Lumia 928 (VZW)
    Lumia 1520 (AT&T)
    Lumia Icon (VZW - only 12 days)
    HTC One M8 for Windows

    and now...... the LG G3

    At first, I was not happy with camera on the LG G3, until I downloaded XCam and now it works great.

    The best part for me, quite frankly, is that I was able to to create a Google account for play store only - my email/contacts/calendar etcin my phone is still via my Live.com MSFT Account.

    Add in Office for Android, OneDrive (with auto camera upload support, just like WinPho 8.1), One Note, a functional Flipboard app plus Timehop, Snapchat, etc and I really feel like I have the BEST of BOTH Worlds now!

    All I am missing is Cortana (Google Now is pretty nice, just not as much......... "Personality" and Live Tiles. I dont have an answer for no more Live Tiles, but I'm adjusting!

    Your Mileage may vary, but I'm pretty happy with the switch!
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    12-11-2014 05:17 AM
  3. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to AC and the G3 forum.☺

    Big mistake, alpha....I actually AM from the Windows Central forums. I use the Lumia 1020, mainly for photography, and of course there's nothing to beat it. I've recently acquired a 930 as well, although I haven't yet used the camera much. The 920 is outside my personal experience, but you can't beat the Nokias for photography and if I recall right the 920 is one of the better ones. The performance of the G3 in that respect, however, is very impressive....fast to focus, rapid processing, sharp and detailed images....but obviously they will not bear cropping to the same degree as those from that Emperor of Camera Phones, the 1020. I'd say, from my own experience and based on what I've read, that the G3's camera would probably not disappoint you. There are plenty of sensor pixels there so the images compare favourably to those of the oversampled 5MP Nokia images.
    I haven't done much low-light photography with the G3 but users speak of image softness caused by post-processing artefacts. But the infra-red laser focussing and the optical image stabiliser are invaluable in low light.

    Try to avoid that 'replace' of your title....by all means buy a G3, but wouldn't you want to keep your 920 as well?

    Posted via the Android Central App
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    12-11-2014 05:38 AM
  4. JohnnyCanuck's Avatar
    Also coming from a 920 and a 1020 to the G3. Had it for about a month.

    Nothing compares with the camera quality on the 1020, and frankly the 920 was pretty good too. The one nice thing about the G3 is the camera lag is nowhere near as bad as the 1020.

    The one thing that I really miss, as also said above, are Live Tiles and Live Folders. Doesn't matter what launcher you use, the Android UI is just miles behind WP8.1.

    Other than that, there's no compelling reason to prefer WP8.1 over te G3.
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    12-11-2014 09:05 AM
  5. alpha128's Avatar
    Wow so many WP bros exist here!

    Yeah I do want to get LG G3 "temp" using it till maybe a better or killer flagship WP release. I won't trade my 920, I have a great memories with it and no phone can replace my love to my Lumia.

    Sure gonna miss live tile and live folder...
    12-11-2014 11:05 AM
  6. nickg0413's Avatar
    I have the Lumia 928. I really like Windows Phone OS, but with no real flagship phones on the horizon I made the switch back to Android a week ago and the LG G3 fit my wants and needs....especially at the $1 cost at Best Buy on top of that!!
    12-11-2014 02:08 PM

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