1. coachpelkey's Avatar
    I have loved player pro for a good long time on my EVO and SGIII and when I tried to install it on my LG G3, I found I could not get into the menus etc...am I doing something wrong?

    Also, when I am playing music in the car, should I zero out or flat my EQ on my car stereo and then use the 10 band eq that comes with player pro or any other music player on the G3? I am struggling getting good sound through my aux outlet.

    At this point I have not completely given up on things just frustrated that I cannot have what I want (pouty face). I am learning...

    It is probably something stupid, so any help is appreciated. Thank you
    12-16-2014 06:24 AM
  2. Klotar's Avatar
    The LG G3 changed it's Menu key. On my previous Android devices, including the LG G2, I would press the Menu key and the overflow menu items (I think that's what it's called) would come up. Now, when you press the menu key on the G3, you get the task manager instead.

    However, you can get the old functionality of the menu key by "long pressing" the menu key instead. This works in all apps, including Player Pro (I just tried it to confirm).

    I can't answer any questions regarding the equalizer or whether to play flat and use the EQ in the car, etc. But I did struggle with the sound in Player Pro after switching from the G2 to the G3. With the exact same settings, my G3 sounded clipped (I am not sure how to describe this) and raspy. Not very pleasant at all, and fiddling with presets and eq sliders did not fix it. I continued to play with the various settings and I think (sorry, it was months ago) that changing the DSP pack from one type to the other and UNchecking ReplayGain that did it. I was very relieved to not have to download/install another player as I did like PlayerPro.

    Sorry, I cannot be more helpful. If you can't figure out getting good sound (try to change only one thing at a time, test, then change it back and/or change something else -- be methodical), we can take it to PM and I will go through all my settings with you.
    12-16-2014 07:29 AM
  3. coachpelkey's Avatar
    I appreciate this.
    Been looking for a while to make things right. I think I am going to zero out my car and use the eq either on player pro or just the stock.

    I tried jet audio plus and it was too "busy" for me...alot of craziness, sounds, settings....oh and dsp player...it is not bad, but I cannot get it to sound right.

    I do not have the popping that everyone mentions inbetween songs...but.

    I am going to keep player pro in my rotation for now, I travel up and down I95 on the east coast sometimes and my reception is spotty to stream music so I rely on my SD card and music to listen to.

    Any other suggestions on audio players let me know I have tried a variety of them...

    12-16-2014 11:04 AM
  4. Klotar's Avatar
    The two players I have heard the most good things about, are Poweramp and Double Twist. I believe they both have eval versions that are fully functional for a limited time.
    12-16-2014 01:01 PM

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