1. celesteviljoen's Avatar
    I am seriously struggling with my LG G3 and it is only a month old. The headphone symbol magically appeared over the weekend, which means I cant talk to anyone or hear a message coming in etc. It goes away for a couple of hours or a day (after I restarted it), then it returns. Please can someone help me, I am not happy with this at all. I was so happy with this phone until now.
    12-17-2014 03:26 AM
  2. TWC42's Avatar
    You didn't mention if you tried anything to fix the issue yourself. Did you check to see if there was any contamination in the headphone jack? Did you try inserting a headphone plug? Contact cleaner sprayed on a headphone plug and inserted into the jack several times might clean out any dirt that may have accumulated in that port. Or use a Q-tip.
    12-17-2014 04:42 AM
  3. BBSeattle's Avatar
    Not trying to be Captain obvious here but it sounds like a hardware issue....get it replaced.
    12-17-2014 03:41 PM

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