1. baz2011uk's Avatar
    so had the OTA update for my g3 D885 and the first one gave me UI errors

    so used the lg flash tool to get me back to V10E software using the kdz file a few of the OTA updates later and i am on V10L all good so far

    i then apply the OTA V20E for lollipop again all installs fine and no UI errors so great then i notice no home buttons so near off impossible to navigate around i also noticed when i clicked WI-FI it just hung there i was able to go in and out the screen but it would just stay on searching

    i am very new to this so am being cautions on what i am doing so not to screw it up

    so i decided to flash again using the lg flash tool to get me back to V10E again via the kdz file and do OTA updates to get back to V10L

    could some advise or show me the file i would need to at least get to V10L as cant seem to find it and also how do i tell what carrier its on and if its for UK and 16GB

    i have read loads on here but not 100% sure as i am trying to take to much in so a little hand in the right direction i hope will help me

    once i have the kdz file for a 16GB UK v10l i will then try again with getting lollipop on my g3 as would like to at least have it to try it if there is also a file that will work for me is it worth trying that?

    i hope the above makes seance and someone is able to help me out

    thanks for your time

    cheers baz
    12-18-2014 07:48 PM
  2. Mike Polizzi's Avatar
    Once you get it to lollipop boot into recovery and wipe the catch partition this should solve any issues with settings and apps not working. I would do a backup of all data this is not supposed to erase anything personal off the phone but nothing is guaranteed.
    12-19-2014 02:53 PM

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