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    I am able to add songs to a playlist, but there seems to be no way of rearranging them, apart from using Shuffle, which will produce a random order. My main problem is that the songs play in random order, not in the order in which they are listed. If I have songs with filenames a, b, c, d, and e then if I start playing a I want the next song to be b, then c, followed by d and e, but this does not happen.

    I did try a quick search of this forum to see if there are any posts on the subject, but without success.

    If anyone can suggest how to get round this problem I would be grateful, even if it means installing another app.


    07 January 2015 Updates
    V20e-DEC-03-2014 (522.52MB)

    Software info 07/01/15
    Android Version 5.0
    Baseband Version MPSS.DI.2.0.1.c1.13-00048-M8974AAAAANPZM-1
    Kernel Version 3.4.0
    Build Number LRX21R.A1419207951
    Software Version V20f-EUR-XX
    01-08-2015 05:04 AM

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