1. turzath's Avatar
    Whenever my phone uses the front camera, it freezes the picture and music if it's playing, and then goes back to the home screen with a crash report in around 10 seconds.
    The normal camera app does this and also snapchat.
    This happened a few months ago, but weirdly enough sometimes the camera works fine, but 99% of the time it locks up the phone.
    Anyone else have any experience with this? .. tried looking up some solutions but none of them worked including factory reset and clearing the cache from the camera app.
    01-29-2015 01:32 PM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Welcome to the G3 forum.

    Perhaps you have a third-party app installed which may be causing problems. Booting into Safe Mode would be the best test but it may not be necessary if you can think of any likely suspects.

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    01-29-2015 02:46 PM
  3. turzath's Avatar
    Like i mentioned, factory resetting the phone didn't help, so it's not an app causing this.. But i did try restarting it in safe mode anyways and it did not work.
    01-29-2015 02:56 PM
  4. currysteph's Avatar
    My LG V20 camera is locking up my phone as well... I have to pull the battery to get it back again
    03-14-2017 10:10 PM

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