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    Updated immediately to 5.01 as soon as I saw it was available. Went completely smoothly for me - no issues at all. Didn't do a reset or battery pull. Just simply downloaded the update over WiFi, went through the app optimization for a while, felt my phone get pretty hot but eventually good to go. Not really that overly impressed with most of the changes - not really that much different particularly since most of the visual effects had already started filtering to the phone already through app changes and Google implementation in their apps of material design format.

    But I do have some questions.

    Notifications: In reading about Lollipop changes, it looks like a number of Lollipop tips sites mention a single swipe down from the home screen brings you a notifications page. A second swipe brings you the quick settings bar which looks to be more extended than the simple bar across that I get. A double finger swipe is supposed to take you directly to the quick settings page. A swipe down after the Lollipop update just brings me to the combined notification and quick settings bar. Is that an LG thing? Can't find a setting that would change it.

    Settings Search - Supposedly there should be a way to search settings by hitting a search bar in Settings. Can't see the magfifying glass in the settings tabs for this. Am I just missing it?

    Home Touch Buttons - can't recall if this was always on every home screen but I seem to recall it used to disappear if I wanted it to. Is there a setting that makes it disappear on home screens? I know there is one to make it disappear in apps when you select a particular app.

    Gmail - I know that Gmail app is supposedly better now because it can be used to manage all your mail including multiple gmail accounts, yahoo, etc. I like the existing email app mainly because it gives me live notification in the app symbol of unopened emails. I have it set up with 4 different email accounts and a separate app on my home screen for each account (selecting a letter like Y for Yahoo, G for Gmail, E for exchange, etc.) which the existing email program lets me do. This way I can see exactly how many emails I have waiting for me on Yahoo with a glance at my home screen. Can the Gmail app do that? It doesn't seem to have live updating like that in the App indicator which is enough reason for me not to use it and I haven't seen the ability to have it jump straight into a particular email account either.

    Upward Swipe of Home Button Jump - I am fairly certain in the past long tapping the home button on Home Touch bar and dragging upwards could be customized. I know now it takes you directly to Google Now. I am fairly certain before the updated I had added the Quick Memo by dragging left and something dragging right. Any idea how can customize that again? Can't find it in the Google Now or other Google settings buttons.

    Haven't noticed any major changes so far in battery life but its early.
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    02-11-2015 09:59 AM

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