1. TWC42's Avatar
    The original title of this post was "Lollipop, LG G3's Wireless Charging Apocalypse".
    Someone with the means to change the title re-wrote is as "Why isn't my LG G3 charging wirelessly any longer since the Lollipop update?"
    As a result of a vast amount of Googling, it seems that there is a bug in Lollipop that essentially destroyed wireless charging on many different phones and on many different networks, so that both Qi and PMA chargers are now non-functional.
    02-18-2015 05:42 AM
  2. Jeffrey Phan's Avatar
    I started having problems with my LG G3 disconnecting spontaneously when I placed my PMA Quickcircle case on my Duracel PMA charger at night right after the update. It has made both my PMA chargers useless. I tried a factory reset twice without any joy. Yesterday, I brought it to an AT&T service center and they don't know what to do either. I am getting a replacement LG G3 in 4 days from them. Hopefully this takes care of it. I got mine the first week that it was available. Hopefully this bug only affects the earlier batches. I can't imagine that they didn't run a test on if PMA charging will work before they sent out the upgrade. We will see. At least, I got a new (hopefully not refurbised) G3 for my troubles.
    03-06-2015 02:03 PM

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