1. anon(5804888)'s Avatar
    I threw caution to the wind and took Sprint's Android Update since most of the problems I read about didn't seem too important to me except for overheating and battery life. Since I have had good luck with updates in the past, I did the update and it went very smoothly. Further, I think my G3 run smoother now. No overheating. If battery life is lower, it's barely detectible.
    Sure, I'm having to adjust to a few minor changes, but I think everything clicks along nicely.
    My only complain it the Stripes Voicemail I can't seem to turn off.
    Anyone know how to keep that turkey from loading all the time?
    02-18-2015 11:45 PM
  2. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I don't have the device, but if you go into Settings>apps and swipe over to all apps, then scroll down to Stripes and click on it. You should see a disable button. Can you click that button?

    From an AOSP M8
    02-19-2015 08:15 PM
  3. anon(5804888)'s Avatar
    Disable is grayed out and can't be selected, even if you force stop the app. Looks like 3 apps working together. One is VoiceMate. Anyway, Sprint keeps reminding you that wondrous additional functionality is available for a small monthly fee.
    02-19-2015 10:38 PM
  4. anon(5804888)'s Avatar
    By the way, I thought briefly I was getting streaming problems others got with the 5 upgrade. Instead, it was a rare shutdown of my cable internet at 3 am. Surprisingly when I switched off from wifi to try it with lte, Sprint was shutdown too. I have never before lost internet from cable and Sprint simultaneously. All was well, including streaming, after an hour or two.
    Still think everything is running smoother with 5.01.
    02-19-2015 10:45 PM

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