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    Hello fellow G3 users! Hopefully you guys can help me out.

    Before Lollipop update. I've been using the LG_FM.apk which I got from the XDA website to tune into local radio stations. Worked perfectly fine. Updated my phone to Lollipop and continued using with the LG_FM application which worked perfectly fine. Decided to factory wipe my phone to clear up other issues I've been dealing with. Now, the LG_FM application does not work at all. It tries to load, but application crashes/shuts down. I had to resort to using NextRadio in order to tune into local radio stations.

    I thought dialing into local radio stations would be using our built in FM antenna with no need data connections, but it seems to me they somehow changed that to push ad's to our phone by using NextRadio application only.

    Do you guys have any idea of an FM application with no AD's? Or somehow to get my previous LG_FM application working again?
    Many thanks for the inputs/advice!

    03-17-2015 12:41 PM

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