1. AC Question's Avatar
    How can I get the email notification on the top of the home screen on my LG G3 with the new lollipop upgrade
    04-16-2015 10:04 PM
  2. garypip's Avatar
    Me too....

    I've been scouring the interwebs, twitter, reddit etc to find this option. @vzwsupport on twitter says you can't with the VZW Lollipop 5.0.1, but I don't trust their knowledge.
    04-17-2015 10:01 AM
  3. xocomaox's Avatar
    Are you talking about a widget?
    04-17-2015 11:19 AM
  4. garypip's Avatar
    Are you talking about a widget?
    No the drop down heads up card. It's built in with lollipop but doesn't work on home screen with gmail and other apps

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    04-17-2015 11:40 AM

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