02-03-2019 03:17 PM
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  1. Allan Michael Alvarez's Avatar
    thanks for the paper trick, my lg g3 is alive again,...i put on the opposite of the battery terminals to give some push to the connections,.. thanks alot , my phone has been on loop for 6 months lol, i dont know how to attach picture,
    01-03-2017 09:06 AM
  2. edwin c1's Avatar
    How can I get past this shutting down crap without a computer?
    Ok my phone got stuck with zero charge on firmware mode, did not let me do anything till I hold the power b and the the volume buttons at the same time for about 30 seconds then the LG logo appear on screen, then a reboot mobile appeared in a blue screen then I pressed the power bottom and recover service, got it?
    01-21-2017 06:57 PM
  3. Jacobkr's Avatar
    Many thanks for your instructions. They were the only ones that worked for my LG G3. Thank you for taking the time to write all the instructions.
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    02-11-2017 02:10 PM
  4. Rich Rogers1's Avatar
    Download LG Flashtools from the XDA developers site and download the stock kitkat kdz or tot ! everything can be found their to bring your phone back 2 just out of the box refreshed

    02-20-2017 11:07 PM
  5. vice86's Avatar
    My dad has had this issue lately. Would be using the phone and it would randomly turn off, boot loop a bunch of times and finally start up again. I reset the phone for him and still happens. Researched it and it seems it has to be the battery. Phone operates fine without reboots/boot loops when plugged into a charger. Unplug it from charger and the phone shuts down and goes into boot loop. Ordered a battery and will get tomorrow. Hopefully that fixes it as I've read it has for others.
    04-26-2017 10:24 AM
  6. Sarah Gray2's Avatar
    It is possible to do it the Samsung way but not with odin it's called lg flash tool it's like odin once the phone is in firmware update mode insert the stock rom into flash tool and your ready to go I can't give a much more detailed guide than that as I'm having issues with my lg after update it's barley usable but if anyone has any luck please do let me no as it's doing my head in trying to get my phone back
    05-01-2017 05:13 AM
  7. Daniel Tum's Avatar
    I had a bootloop and was trying to figure it out for last few hours. Tried factory reset, flashing software with LG Mobile Support Tool (booted once after that but as soon as I started setup it went to bootloop again) I even tried the paper pice on battery thing. Nothing helped untill I swapped battery from another G3 I have. Works fine since last 30min or so. Already did initial setup. Hope it will help someone.
    05-02-2017 07:57 AM
  8. Luca Tilenni's Avatar
    Hay Gys. hope you are all well. i am facing a rather different issue with my lg g3 phone. i could not found any solution on net. Actually it restarts while detecting network signals and then it keep restarting so when startup screen comes and phone searches for signals it restarts and o the loop continuous. My phone enter such loop when 3g signals get drooped from my network provider. But it should restart with 2g signals right? but it doesn't and it enters the restart loop on signal detection. Please help i would be thankful.
    After all when i eject the sim card it starts normal. the issue is with the signal detection. i hope you could suggest a solution. Thanks
    HI, I have the same problem, any fix??
    06-26-2017 12:25 PM
  9. Maha Sabri's Avatar
    I have the same issue and am super frustrated. I attempted to do a reset, but when i do, it sends me back into the same bootloop. Additionally, the phone turns on and is sent into the bootloop by simply plugging in a charger. At this point I can't figure out a way to charge it back up fully which is complicating things more. Let me know if you find a fix!
    me too...the exact same problem!
    08-11-2017 04:46 AM
  10. Petergun87's Avatar
    if u are lucky enough to get ur g3 on screen again,go to playstore n download wake lock power manager by darken (bulb n lock icon)...then activate partial wake lock (when activated,there will icon on top left of ur phone)...been several hours now n no restart yet...but need more tests though...
    08-12-2017 12:36 PM
  11. Jmmorales's Avatar
    The newest system update for the LG-G3 was released recently and I decided to install it today. After it downloaded, the phone said that it would restart. Once it started to power back on, it went to the "LG Life's Good" start up screen, stays at this screen for about 10 seconds, goes dark for 3 seconds, then repeats this process indefinitely. I've seen that this is called a boot loop and I've attempted to perform a factory reset on the phone based on some youtube tutorials, but all of them require that you enter "Download Mode" (which the phone does successfully), and then the screen should show a "Firmware Update" screen, which my phone does not go to. When I open Device Manager, the phone is listed under "Other devices" and the name "QHSUSB_BULK".

    Thanks for you help.
    Two words PAPER TRICK insert a small piece of paper in-between the battery and the phone to push the battery up into the leads of the phone tighter then bootup again my daughter's LG G3 has been working ever since
    11-08-2017 09:55 AM
  12. gabrielarantest's Avatar
    So I got this boot loop on my phone and also I had the wi-fi / Bluetooth problem.

    I tried a lot of solutions at once and I don't know which one did solve both of my problems. Nevertheless, my phone seems to be working fine right now. Maybe some of my solutions may help someone. I will describe bellow everything that I did to get my lg g3 back to life.

    1.I noticed that my phone was overheating, so I applied thermal paste to the processor and the wi-fi chip. I think it's best to use thermal pads, but I only had pc thermal paste in hands.

    This is a video of someone applying thermal pads to the wi-fi chip:

    (In this video the guy just don't show how he removed a metal armor that protects the chip. But don't worry, it's easy, just take it off. If you are still worried, this video at 4:50 shows how to do it:

    This other video is a guy appyling thermal paste to the snapdragon processor (excellent video):

    There is also a blueprint of the chips that may help you guys to guide yourselfs:
    LG G3 Disassembly | MyFixGuide.com

    2. For the wi-fi problem I read on the internet that a paper trick on the wi-fi/bluetooth ribbon that may help too. It is said that when your wi-fi is not working properly it maybe that this ribbon is loosen, and you have to put preassure on it.

    This is a video of a guy doing just that paper trick. It's very easy:

    3. The last thing that I did was to download the stock rom of my lg g3 and flash it.
    You can find your phone's stock rom right here, just type the imei: https://lg-roms.com

    This guide will help you how to properly do the flash thing: LG Flashing KDZ Firmware guides - Teaching Area - LG Android Mobile Forum - Powered by Discuz!
    If I'm remebering correctly, the link to the "FlashTool.1.0.54_lgbbs.net.rar" is bronke on the guide. However I found the file somewhere elese over the internet, but I lost the link. If you don't find the file, send me a messege and I send you by e-mail.

    There is another way do flash the stock rom, by the LG Flash Tool method. However that didn't worked out for me.

    So that's it, all that I have done to fix my phone. I also tried the paper battery trick, and that didn't make a difference for my phone.

    I also had a couple of batteries lying around, so changing the battery may help you.

    I hope I helped someone over the internet.
    From now on, I'll never buy an LG phone, so many problems...
    12-03-2017 10:12 PM
  13. Erica Zaal's Avatar
    I tried the instructions to switch on and reset by pressing power and volume down button but as soon as it finishes it goes in a boot loop again. HELP!!
    02-15-2018 01:47 PM
  14. chimp00's Avatar
    I got a re-furb G3 from Ebay seller, it began to show "random re-start" bug AND power-down (requiring removal of battery & power-on). I asked for a replacement battery (mfr date 14.08.04 -- pretty old!) -- it was even WORSE! It showed the "boot loop" bug. Note that the G4 (internal battery) also had the "boot loop" bug

    ^^^ the problem is manufacturing BUG in G3 battery -- using greyish-compound ("glue") for the "+" contact to battery control board.

    Temporary fix:
    use paper-shim (applies pressure at the "+" contact, where compromised electrical connection is -- due to "grey compound" (glue)

    Permanent fix:
    Use soldering iron to remove "grey compound", & solder the contacts in.

    See attached image

    Full description of fix by Dimitar Kovachev here


    [ see my 2 responses as "chimp00" ]

    It should be noted some G3 are MORE SENSITIVE to the "grey glue" G3 batteries (which can't source high-currents during high load applications). I'm seeing it in my (old) G3 & newer (refurb) G3, some stock batteries work..others don't


    See here for an interesting thread on known LG G3 probs & fixes:

    Attached Thumbnails The LG-G3 update caused a boot loop, how can I get out of it?-img_5017.jpg  
    11-02-2018 04:51 PM
  15. gambinos911's Avatar
    OK I'm a cellphone repair technician and I can say that for this phone and model there is a ram issue on the motherboard and I found a permanent fix but it's not for everyone lol.. I saw this actually years ago when this phone was new and had this issue . You have to remove the entire motherboard and make sure all the cameras and anything that can be detached from from it is removed. Next when you made sure all the plastic piece are not on the motherboard you wrap it in foil and shove the board for 10 minutes in the oven at 215 degrees Celsius . Now I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first but after trying everything else this worked and I actually sold the phone to my ex lol and it never restarted again.
    02-03-2019 03:17 PM
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