1. AC Question's Avatar
    If I Don't Use My Phone For About An Hour Or when I Don't Use It all night (When I'm Sleeping) When I Finally do Unlock My Phone And Select An App Or Go To Look At My Text Msg. I'M AUTOMATICALLY REDIRECTED TO DOWNLOAD LYFT OR SOME OTHER POINTLESS APP! This is Happening all the time lately. Its Frustrating. anybody know why this is happening and how i can stop it?
    05-19-2015 08:33 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Chances are that you unwittingly installed some adware that came with another app (probably a game). You may have to uninstall apps one by one until the behavior goes away; alternatively, you could also do a factory reset, and then reinstall apps one by one.
    05-19-2015 10:24 PM

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