1. Katuramitliebe's Avatar
    Hello fellow Android users,
    I'm new to the forum and hope that your expertise can assist me with an issue I'm experiencing with my phone. I'm a T-Mobile customer and I recently purchased a Brand New LG G3, Unlocked phone. This was originally an AT&T phone.

    I was told that this phone would work on T-Mobile and while that is true, I have been having this issue...I will get the following notification "Restricted access changed. Voice service is blocked."

    This error has occurred with WiFi turned off on the phone and also when it is on.

    Not only am I unable to make a phone call but sending anything like a text message doesn't work either. A family member bought their LG G3 brand new through T-Mobile and they do not have any issues whatsoever and we are in the same house.

    T-Mobile was of very little help to me in trying to get this figured out. I have a perfectly good SIM card in this phone as well.

    My APN settings were set by the T-Mobile store associate.

    Has anyone run into this error before? I hope you all can assist me with fixing this issue. Thank you in advance for your time and support.
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    05-31-2015 09:20 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! Try accessing the hidden service menu. From the Phone Dialer app, dial 3845#*850#, which is supposed to be the code for the AT&T version. If that doesn't work, then you could try the code for the T-Mobile version, which is 3845#*851#, but I think it goes by the hardware version, so I think the first code should be the one.

    In the hidden menu, look for an option to Set Preferred Network Type, and make sure it's set to LTE/GSM (and not just CDMA or WCDMA).

    You might also be able to find this option in the regular system settings menu, in Settings>Wireless & Networks>Cellular/Mobile Settings>Preferred Network Type.
    06-01-2015 01:04 AM
  3. Katuramitliebe's Avatar
    Hello and thank you for the kind welcome!

    The code with the '850' worked in terms of getting me into the hidden menu but my menu options are not the same as you described. I clicked on options that were related but I still haven't located the option you have described. My G3 is a 2014 release. Perhaps that makes a difference in the options in the hidden menu?

    Most recently I've also noticed that the error message pops up when my WiFi is on and I'm using it.

    Thank you for your assistance! ☺
    06-01-2015 09:20 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Ok, and how about Settings>Wireless & Networks>Cellular/Mobile Settings>Preferred Network Type​?
    06-02-2015 02:02 AM
  5. nguyen2011's Avatar
    My T-Mobile LG G2 been having same problem for a while, I access hidden menu in phone dial app with 3845#*801# and select LTE-Only > Modem Settings . Now there are 2 settings in here worth checking out. First is RAT Selection where I can choose LTE/GSM. Second is LTE Band Seclection, where band 4 is T-Mobile LTE, band 2 is 2G or 3G I think.

    As soon as I ticked the check for band 4, I got data 4G back. But it revert back to 2G or that error message once a day probably when I get to area with low signal. From B. Diddy suggestion, I just now tried select LTE/GSM option. And the service does come back. Hopefully with both settings correctly selected, I won't lose signal anymore. Will report back in a couple days. Thanks and good luck !

    update: Doesn't permanently fix it, still revert back to 2G ~once a day. Have to go to hidden menu and recheck the boxes to get back 4G LTE
    12-01-2015 12:09 AM
  6. hari krishnan14's Avatar
    Simple solve here https://youtu.be/NLl_XzXXBvI
    02-11-2016 10:07 PM
  7. Hon Davis Ifeanyi's Avatar
    Voice network blocked
    05-30-2017 11:39 AM
  8. niazi's Avatar
    My. LG G3 mobile have some problem. The problem is Restricted access chang no one signal is coming in any network and continiously starting wating. Pleas give us some solution
    01-05-2018 11:55 PM

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