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    Okay so a few days ago, out of nowhere, my phone would not turn on. I took out and put back in the battery. The phone would shut off/reboot every 5-10 minutes. Also, the WiFi and Bluetooth would not connect. I tapped on the circles that you see when you slide the top screen down and also tried going into the settings and doing it that way. Nothing. Hubby looked up some things and talked to people and they said try factory resetting it..also tried reinstalling firmware which didn't work either... I made sure all my pics were backed up...which it showed they were...I was sad I would lose all my texts....but anyhow...we factory reset the phone and that didn't help at all AND my photos only backed up until May 11th... im assuming there is no way to get those back?

    Waiting on a replacement phone from AT&T

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    06-01-2015 04:13 PM

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