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    So first off, let me just say that I am new to androids and rooting.
    I Just received my LG G3 today, and the first thing I did was a root. It was successful.
    I wanted to get a camera mod that lets you record in 60FPS instead of 30.
    I followed a tutorial from a forum:

    It had me replace a modified "media_profiles.xml" file with the original one that's in "system/etc"
    (I made sure to set the correct permissions)

    I rebooted the device like the tutorial said...
    When I opened the camera app, the camera didn't work, it was just a black screen, so I decided to replace the new "media_profiles.xml" file with the original one.
    Unfortunately I didn't back it up (i didnt think to )
    So I searched online for the original file and I found one from a forum thread

    I replaced the file with what i found in that thread and when I restarted the phone, It was stuck on the intro LG screen.

    I tried so many things and nothing is working!
    I was able to put the phone in the factory reset mode by holding the volume down and power button
    but when I chose to reset it and clicked "Yes," It went right back into the boot logo and it was stuck again.
    (I also tried recovering it in the LG PC Suite program but it doesn't detect the phone when it's bricked, and yes I have the drivers installed)

    There HAS to be a way to fix this or fully reset my phone other than the hard reset that everyone knows! Again, I JUST got this phone so i'm NOTafraid of loosing any of my data.
    Thanks in advance.
    07-06-2015 11:33 PM
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    try this method. worked for me.


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    07-08-2015 01:05 AM
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    Last time I "bricked" mine, I used this, but that was last year...

    How to Unroot/Unbrick LG G3! | LGG3Root.com
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    07-08-2015 06:37 AM
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    That media_profiles.xml file can cause a lot of bootloop and non-boot issues when messed with. It's best to leave it alone.

    Don't worry, your phone is nowhere near bricked. It's just failing to boot up because of the bad file, and a factory reset will not work here because it's a root level file that is affected and the reset doesn't replace that file. So you're back where you started from after the reset.

    Luckily, you have the unlimited ability to boot into download mode (HOLD the VOLUME UP key while the phone is off and plug it into your computer via the USB cable at the same time, and it will go into download mode) and flash the original stock firmware of your device.

    After that, make sure you have the drivers for the phone installed on your computer properly, and download the application (LG Flash Tool) and the .tot files associated with your model.

    After all that is done you can begin pushing the stock firmware over and it will basically make your phone completely stock from when you first got it (KitKat).

    I suggest that in the future if you decide to root your phone again, please install a custom recovery module like TWRP. This will allow you to make full image backups of your phone (called nandroid backup) so that whenever you are playing around with root files, you can easily restore from this backup with everything in tact.

    It is the safest way to be a root user and everyone that does root should probably invest in this type of backup as it is pretty full-proof.

    Good luck. The link to all the details I've gone over in this reply was linked to by tsarcams. scottysize has a similar link with the same information.
    07-08-2015 09:41 AM

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