1. Scorpio2177's Avatar
    I need help finding a post(I believe it was by Android, themselves), about Google's update causing Android(& I believe iPhone were included)devices to overheat & drain the battery quickly.
    I can get back to give more details later, but must run now before they call...on my 2nd replacement device(3 total & JUST activated this one Wednesday)& they made me do 2 factory resets in 12 hours. I have ABSOLUTELY NO preinstalled ringtones/notification sounds right now.


    **BTW, it's 11:10am right now, my time**
    07-27-2015 12:08 PM
  2. Aquila's Avatar
    I've never seen anything from Google stating that an update to the G3 is causing overheating and battery drain. Google doesn't send updates to the G3, they provide source code, which LG manipulates and then sends to Verizon for approval. Verizon actually sends out the update to the device. Neither LG nor Google ever send any updates to Apple products.

    What software update did your Verizon LG G3 receive?
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    07-27-2015 12:54 PM

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