1. Mektige's Avatar
    Weirdest thing I've ever experienced with a smart phone. EXCLUSIVELY while using the Wi-fi at my house, I am unable to see pictures and load profiles on Facebook and Instagram while on my G3. Other apps don't seem to have this issue. It all works flawlessly on any other wi-fi or while using 4G. Also, the internet here works flawlessly for every other device in my house (PC, PS4, Xbox, etc).

    I can use Messenger pretty much just fine, although it takes forever to send and receive pictures through it.

    What on earth could possibly cause this issue? It's ONLY on MY wi-fi, and it's ONLY those apps.
    08-14-2015 06:25 PM
  2. Bill Berry's Avatar
    I share your frustration with Facebook Messenger; it's been really slow today. I thought it was my system and batteries on my wireless keyboard, but nope, it's just slow.
    08-14-2015 06:40 PM

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