11-28-2018 07:58 AM
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  1. Kooosh's Avatar
    Mine finally blue screened today after 4 years. Cooked the mobo at 325F for 9 minutes, and it's working again. Nice.

    Update: blue screen appeared after 1 week, so did a bit of research on solder reflow temperatures, baked board in the oven at 230C for 3 mins - working again!
    Thank you for that. If I have to rebake, I'll try at a higher temperature for less time.
    10-12-2018 12:00 AM
  2. Agnox's Avatar
    Fixed the blue screen on an Lg G3 today by doing a hard reset and selecting 'no' in the factory reset menu.
    11-07-2018 09:49 AM
  3. steveathome's Avatar
    Last week or so the touchscreen kept freezing, usually after a bit of use (i.e. the processor warming up). Anyway, did a bit more research and somebody suggested putting an old micro SIM card underneath the motherboard directly under the black processor chip. To be honest a bit of an old plastic card would do as it's the same thickness. Anyway, I assume it exerts extra pressure on the pins of the processor. I reassembled the phone and it has worked perfectly since.
    11-28-2018 07:58 AM
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