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    I recently experienced an episode of my LG G3 "skipping" while listening to an MP3 book file. I was driving, so I paused the playback to pursue the issue later. When I was able to look at my phone, it was displaying a green screen with tiny print which said something like:

    HW Crash!

    Demigod (something)

    You must choose one of the following:

    1. to enter Dlood (or Dload?), Press the up volume button.

    2. To reboot, Press the down volume button.

    There was more, but I don't recall.

    I pressed down to reboot, the phone did so, seemed fine for a minute, then went back to the green screen of death. I couldn't turn it off, but removed the battery anyway, and my miro SD card.

    Seemed OK when I turned it back on, but ended up back at the dreaded green screen eventually. removed the battery again, left it out for a while. After reinstalling, the phone had been fine for an hour or more.

    Anyone know what causes this? And a permanent fix?
    11-19-2015 03:59 PM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    About the only thing I would suggest is that you search for how to reload the LG factory image for your exact phone model. On sites like XDA, there should be someting in your device specific board on where to get the needed software and how to load it. LG makes it kind of tricky.
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    11-20-2015 03:25 PM
  3. rebcon's Avatar
    I'm having basically the exact same problem. I was looking at facebook when the screen suddenly turned bright green, and there were some tiny black letters at the top of the screen. It was stuck that way, so I took the battery out and put in a spare that was fully charged. Now it won't power up at all. Did you ever get a solution?
    01-23-2016 05:29 PM
  4. Joevinwild's Avatar
    Im having this problem. Can anyone tell me if it is fixable either by myself or by a professional. Or shall i just throw it at a wall!!!
    02-10-2017 12:57 PM

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