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    Near new LG G3 - never dropped, damaged, rooted etc (I'm too old for that crap).
    Was exploring new apps to replace Pushbullet (Up yours Pushbullet) specifically "Pushline" but I was also uninstalling apps, including several Launchers I never used. At some point, I kept getting a repeating error that included the words (....android...core...). This error occurred when I tried playing "Words with Friends" immediately after launching Pushline for the first time. Thats when I got that error for the first time ever. I think I rebooted and it reappeared. Both times, it would appear about every 5-10 seconds. I finally uninstalled both apps and rebooted and didnt see the error.
    Upon returning home and looking into the problem more in depth (the phone seemed to work fine for this period of an hour en route home), the screen suddenly went black. I thought the battery may have dislodged sine the backing wasn't on fully. Tapping the screen or tapping or holding the power button did nothing. So, I removed battery. Upon rebooting, I got a screen stating "unfortunately settings has stopped" and thats when my life ground to a halt.
    The home screen was light gray and only the three default home/back/recent buttons should display unlike the 5 I normally had there. When I pressed any of them, the screen flashed, the warning disappeared and immediately reappeared.
    In the last couple of hours I have combed the internet trying seemingly everything. There seems to be a variety of button combinations for Recovery, Safe Mode, Download Mode and Hard Reset. I never did successfully get to Recovery Mode or "Wipe Phone Cache" option. It took many attempts to finally get into safe mode (lower left screen) but Safe Mode acted the same showing no apps or options and just the same error. I also tried removing SD card and SIM card. No changes.
    Finally did a hard reset (which was just shy of of performing a Hard Smash-Against-a-Brick-Wall Reset).
    With the hard reset, after 30 seconds, a little dead green android with a red exclamation mark over its disemboweled tummy. Tried three times with same result.
    After that, I noticed I am out of 12-gauge ammo.
    Any suggestions?
    12-16-2015 11:11 PM
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    Mod Note, I will move this to the g3 forum for more visibility
    12-17-2015 01:22 AM

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