1. Lilkidmom's Avatar
    My G3 has started crashing when I try to use the smart clean feature or open the Apps Manager. It crashes to a dark gray blank screen with only the bottom 3 buttons showing. Battery pull sometimes helps temporarily, but the problem soon reappears. I booted it into safe mode and that worked the first time, but yesterday I tried it again and it still crashed on me. I am not rooted. Running Android 5.0.1
    Anyone else having this issue? Any ideas how to fix it? I hate to do a factory reset if I don't absolutely have to.
    Please help!
    05-05-2016 06:19 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome back! Did it crash again in Safe Mode, or back in Normal Mode? If it doesn't crash in Safe Mode, then something you installed is probably causing the issue. You'd have to uninstall apps one by one until the problem goes away.
    05-05-2016 02:57 PM
  3. Lilkidmom's Avatar
    Hi, it did crash in safe mode, but not continuously. I reopened the App Manager, and was able to access it without crashing. I emailed LG and their solution was to do a factory data reset. I hate to have to do that, so for now I guess I'll limp along using safe mode to manage apps and clear cache files periodically. Phone functions fine other than this one glitch.
    05-09-2016 04:56 AM
  4. Lilkidmom's Avatar
    I found the cause of my crashing problem. It was the Sprint Data Optimizer app. Once I disabled it the problem went away.
    05-16-2016 08:31 PM

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