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    Hello All,

    I can get the phone into download mode and stock recovery (The phone has never been rooted or flashed, it is bone stock). The phone stopped booting into the OS after what seems like a forced OTA. All it was doing was booting to the LG boot logo and then shutting off. Sometimes it would make it into the OS, but then power down immediately (immediate shut off). I restored the stock ZV4 .tot file with Flash Tool, but it WILL NOT complete the flash. The phone always powers off while its restoring SYSTEM (Anywhere between 30-60% is usually when it turns off) and then the phone will do nothing but boot into download mode. Currently, the phone turns on to the first LG logo (non-animated) and then goes right into download mode. I have tried multiple times restoring it with the .tot file (I have even re-downloaded it from 3 different sources to make sure it wasnt the file) and i get the same issue. If anyone could take the time to help me, i am willing to pay if necessary. I have also managed to get it into that Qualcomm 8006 mode or whatever by shorting the 2nd pin and ground while plugging the phone in, but even then i get nowhere using BoardDiag. Thank you for your time.

    EDIT: The phone will not boot into recovery by holding vol down + power either, it just boots into download mode. At one point, i was able to boot into recovery before the phone shut off while i was attempting to restore the .tot file. In recovery i was also able to send ADB commands and at least attempt to sideload things via ADB. The only current option is download mode at this point.
    06-27-2016 05:27 PM

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