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    I updated my lg g3 to andorid 6.0 and must say that didn't noticed any major problem.It's fast,smooth really nice work.
    But i noticed some things like:
    1.Where is lock screen efects(i searched all tabs and didnts spot it)?
    2.Developer options exsist in list view,but when i switch on tab view its dissapear.
    3.Didint see options in gallery where i can line up images how i want.

    And couple of questions:
    1.Differecnce between silent mode and do not disturb
    2.Can i manage flashlight(some kind of settings?)
    3.What is "set preferred albums" in gallery?
    4.Can i arrange icons in menu bar?(i know that i can sort them ny name,date,custom, but is there some way that can transfer icons from one tab to another,or let me to arrange then how i want? When i hold on them they automaticly sent me to home screen).

    Sory for my bad english,and thanks in advance
    07-20-2016 12:06 PM

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