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    I'm on a VS985 running Android 6.0, and a few issues have recently arisen, that are really bugging me now.

    I had temp rooted the phone before to change some tweaks and stuff such as making all apps in dual window. I unrooted the phone when I tried to update and the phone would go into a bootloop only solvable by pulling out the battery. (Probably this temp root is my first screw up)

    Recently I noticed my lock screen completely disappeared, meaning that even if I have my PIN lock screen on, whenever i wake the phone it goes straight to the homescreen, and from what I read this is an issue solvable by factory resetting... Which I can't do! It throws my phone into a flashing red and blue led with "BOOT VERIFICATION FAIL" before the screen goes black.

    I'm at my wit's end, I've tried programs to restore the phone to stock firmware... But this hasn't worked (I've used LG Flash tool and a few other programs) , I'd really appreciate some help on this matter.

    Tl;dr: temp rooted my phone, removed everything I did with root, phone refuses to update and my lock screen has disappeared.
    10-05-2016 02:00 PM

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