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    So going to keep the story short and simple. A few months back my AT&T LGG3 (D850) just started shutting down on me. After a days my phone was in a boot loop and once I got it back up I figured that if I rooted my phone and installed a custom rom maybe that will solve the issue. I attempted at TWRP but now my download mode is not working at all for me to flash, KDZ doesn't work (crashes at 30%). Everytime I try to do a hard reset I get:
    Boot Verification Fail

    My friend recently also had his G3 die on him. I was able to get it up and running a little bit more stable than mine, however it still shuts off from time to time. I've already purchased an extra battery, both OEM batteries work perfectly fine but the "OEM Battery" I purchased online doesn't seem to be working that well with the phones.

    PLEASE HELP.....

    How can I unbrick the recovery with a flash that works and how do I properly install a recovery, root, and rom.

    Sorry I'm good with computers but trying my best to learn phones. Please help everyone and thank you in advance.
    11-13-2016 01:27 AM

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