1. Htk4113132's Avatar
    Hello members.
    For the past few months ,I faced problems in signals but thought of it as sim problem but after replacement the problem still existed.
    The thing is most of G3 d850 users have problem in having 2G signals but for me the problem is I receive 3G and 4G signals but not 2G signals . As soon as it gets 2G signals -100DBM signal get lost and I have to automatically register on network.
    Sometimes it automatically catches signal but does not lasts for a few minutes.
    If anyone can give ne any solution, I will be very thankful to you_ just tell me why can I not receive 2G signals
    11-19-2016 11:46 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar
    Have you spoken to your carrier about it? It may be something to do with their network.
    11-25-2016 07:22 AM

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