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    1. I was talking one day, then it went dead. Looked at it, it was off. Battery was at least 85%+, took it out, replaced it, nothing. Bought a new battery from LG, took a week + to get it, still didn't work. This happened almost 2 years exactly after purchase and I have no warranty.. that seemed very suspiecious as the phone was in near perfect condition - no drops, not even scratched, never any battery issues until a few days before, where the screen wouldn't comeback on even with the LED on as it charged. A battery pop-out/pop-in would fix that and it was back to normal. What experiences have you had with LG repairs? How much for, say, motherboard work? How successful were they with preserving your contacts, pics, software, etc? I have pics, notes and app data I need desperately since I will be out of town next weekend. They say it may take at least 7-9 days before I get it back.

    2. I have an older Samsung Galaxy phone that's a little slow now, but also still in great condition. The contacts don't match my G3 and I recall syncing something when I got the G3 to get the contacts through Google or something but don't remember the process and don't know if it does it automatically/periodically (I haven't synced anything since then but have added several contacts) and if it will work going back to the Samsung temporarily while the G3 gets fixed. Is this possible?
    12-03-2016 02:07 PM
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    It's been my experience that if you sync through your Google account the contacts automatically sync. I discovered this by accident a couple of phones ago when I painstakingly backed up all my contacts and reinstalled them on a new phone only to end up with a ton of duplicates after my new phone synced my Google account and repopulated all the contacts I had just added. It was such a pain to delete all the duplicate entries that I never made that mistake again!

    Syncing with your Google account should also automatically install all the "installed apps" on your phone that you got through the Play Store and if you had you phone set to sync photos online they should all be there when you log in to photos.

    Depending on your phone and carrier the "sign in using google" might automatically appear when you activate the phone. If not you can go to accounts in the setting menu, add Google if necessary [it's probably already there] and sign in and sync there. If you never changed the settings to only sync manually Google defaults to syncing itself pretty frequently so everything should be current when you sync to your secondary phone.

    You should be able to repeat this process again to resync everything to your new phone [or repaired phone] when you get it back.
    12-03-2016 03:14 PM