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    I've been running Lineage OS for about a week now and I'm experiencing poor battery life. I get around 2 hours of screen-on-time and I'm not doing anything demanding other than browsing and social networking and I have the settings on Efficient in the power menu. I feel like stock was a good 50% better on battery life than LOS.

    I also noticed that LineageOS System, Android OS and the Phone Idle processes eat up around 30% of the battery.
    I didn't install any battery draining apps and I'm running the latest version of everything.
    I tried reseting app preferences but it didn't help.
    I also want to note that standby time is amazing. If I don't use the device the battery level stays the same while it's sleeping. When I wake it, it loses 2-3% immediately though. It seems that it only loses battery quickly when the screen is on.

    Can someone please help? Is this normal battery life on LOS?
    03-23-2017 03:21 AM

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