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    Hi All

    i'm new on the forum, i have the desperate need of an help from you guys.
    have been an extremely satisfied LgG3 user for more than 2 years, but now there is something wrong with it.

    Yesterday morning they finally activated my new simcard from a new Carrier.
    I woke up with a "imsi registration error" on the display of my LG G3, meaning that the portability was eventually done. so i replaced my old sim with the new one

    unfortunately, only had plenty of problems since that moment.
    at the beginning the phone couldn t really get the signal properly.
    after a couple of reboots, and some connect-disconnect from the carrier network, apparently everything was ok.
    apparently! because from that moment, the Phone keeps on rebooting after few minutes working, every single time!

    this is what happen: i switch on the phone, everything starts fine (even if the reboot process drains out almost the 10% of the battery every time), but then after maximum 5 minutes the display shows a message , asking to insert a valid sim card, with a progress bar. when the bar reaches the 100%, then the phone begins the reboot procedure.
    in the mean while, what i noticed, is that the the phone, in the shut down button area, becomes quiet hot.

    the phone doesn't reboot if there s no sim inside.
    the phone keep on rebooting also with other two different sim cards.
    my sim card works fine with other phones.

    few months ago i experienced a similar problem,but reboots were not that systematic. the phone kept on randomly rebooting for few days, then it stopped. after maybe one month, the sim card died. i went to the shop, to replace it, and everything went fine.

    i've read lots of people solved similar issues with a new battery. mine is only few months old, i changed it in Jenuary. Do you think i should get a new one?

    anyone could please help?
    it would pissed me off a lot, if, changing the carrier to save up some money, i would mean buying a new phone :-((

    thanks a lot,
    and sorry for my poor english.

    06-02-2017 04:43 AM

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