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    When I turn on my LG Lumina it is telling me Security check life is good and I do not know the answer can you please help
    10-22-2017 08:08 AM
  2. belodion's Avatar

    I remember that from when my G3 was new, but I don’t now recall what the correct response is. Just entering ‘Life Is Good’ perhaps?
    I’ll move the thread to the G3 forum, where other members with better memories may be able to advise.
    10-22-2017 09:59 AM
  3. Mooncatt's Avatar
    The only time I saw this check was when I failed to enter the lock screen password multiple times. If you fail it 10 times in a row, many phones will do a factory reset as a security measure. To help prevent accidental resets (from phone glitches, kids getting ahold of it and mashing buttons, etc), many manufacturers now have additional checks.

    In LG's case, I think this Life is good check pops up at 5 missed lock screen attempts. It will not progress until you type that phrase in to prove you're a competent human and not a toddler, glitch, or pocket pressing.

    Do you think this is what you are encountering?
    belodion and Laura Knotek like this.
    10-22-2017 11:54 AM

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