1. Peter Rokkos's Avatar
    Any thoughts?

    Had the G3 for the last 10 months - big fan particularly of the size. Just big enough without being too big. As always however, teased by the next great phone - the one I don't actually have.

    I have it on ATT in the US under the Next program where you pay $30 a month for 20 months after which you get to keep it, or give it back after 12 if you sign up for a new Next phone. Wasn't initially a fan of this type of plan, but it seems to be the best deal around now as you get $25 a month off your data plan by bringing a phone or using Next.

    In a month, I'll have the option of switching to the G4 (or another phone). Put aside choices on phones for a minute - I like the size factor of the 5.5 inch screen. S6 seems solid but with bad battery life, iPhone 6+ and Notes are a little too big. Nexus is too big. So lets say the choice is stick with the G3 or go with the G4.

    If I don't upgrade, projecting a year forward, I will pay $30 per month for the next 8 months at which point I own a G3. In 1 years, I can sell it on eBay or Amazon for probably $100. Doubt I can get more after fees etc. for a 2 year old phone when the 5G will likely be coming out. So I pay $240, get back $100 and use my existing G3 which I like for 1 year.

    Or I get a G4, pay $30 a month I assume under a similar deal, for 12 months - G4 pricing will matter here but I'm guessing they stay consistent, a little cheaper than the iPhone and S6. Better camera seems to be worth it alone plus a bit better battery, and while its an evolutionary upgrade, and I'll wait to see what people say when its in our hands on ATT, I always like a new phone. So I pay $360 for the phone during the first year.

    Bottom line - is it worth $360 vs net $140 or $220 for the incremental upgrade for the year? Either way in 1 year, I'm set up for a G5, iphone 7 or something in another year using Next again. I'm OK with staying with ATT as the family deal and multiple lines has me locked in.

    Any thoughts on whether under this scenario its worth the upgrade?
    05-21-2015 01:44 PM
  2. MDMcAtee's Avatar
    Go for it.

    You can always pay more up front too if you want to own it sooner by paying off your phone ahead of time and trading it in if I am not mistaken. You'll have to see what att is giving at the time of your upgrade.

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    05-21-2015 03:01 PM
  3. oldschoolsig's Avatar
    If you have to ask on a phone centric forum...cmon.
    If this were a common sense financial savings blog you would get a different answer. You are asking people that obsess over phones.
    Get the damn phone you want,life is short.

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    05-21-2015 03:12 PM
  4. erwaso's Avatar
    Just do it

    Keep in mind you will be doing this every year lol
    05-21-2015 03:59 PM

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