1. Anthony_NE's Avatar
    Anyone here transition from a Moto X? I'm 99% on this phone but fear I'll really miss Active Notifications. I definitely do not miss flashing LEDs.
    06-01-2015 09:48 PM
  2. TechGod2014's Avatar
    The moto x is awesome but the camera sucks. The G4 with the leather back reminds me of the X but with the best camera ever. I think the camera alone will help you forget the active notifications. The G4 also had some similar cool features.
    06-01-2015 09:55 PM
  3. SactoKingsFan's Avatar
    I briefly had the 2014 Moto X. Returned it due to poor battery life and subpar camera. Waiting to pick up my G4 from Best Buy. I'm sure I won't miss Moto X when I get my G4 since I prefer my G2 over Moto X.

    Sent from my LG G2 running CM 12
    06-01-2015 09:58 PM
  4. gaddang2's Avatar
    I had the 2014 Moto X for a few months and I still miss it. I use the AC display app with my G4 now which is similar. I miss just waving my hand over the Moto X too.

    Posted via my Ceramic White LG G4
    Anthony_NE likes this.
    06-01-2015 09:59 PM
  5. Anthony_NE's Avatar
    This is exactly my worry. Yes, the camera on this phone is horrendous. I have a 2013 and the battery life is stellar but yeah man, that camera was a big mistake.
    06-01-2015 10:07 PM
  6. Strawdawg2013's Avatar
    I am making the switch from the 2013 to the G4. I am going to miss the Moto X functions, but I won't miss the camera. Wish someone would duplicate some of the notifications, Drive Mode, etc
    06-01-2015 10:28 PM
  7. ansextra's Avatar
    I just ordered the G4 and am ugrading from the 2013 Moto X. Like others have said I will definitely miss active notifications but I hate the camera on the X. I'll gladly suffer with the G4 I think... I also think I'm ready for the big screen.
    06-01-2015 10:43 PM

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