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    This was a little trickier than the G3.
    First thing is to heat up the gray sticker covering the wireless charging parts on the Quick Circle case (QC from here forward)
    Heat a little with a blow dryer on high, pull a little and so on.
    You will next see a thick black sticker, do the same...heat pull, heat pull. This turns out to be an important piece, do not discard.
    Next you will see the wireless coil sticker. As before, heat pull and be very careful and patient. You do not want to break any of the copper coils or leads. When you get to the contacts again be very careful and patient.
    Now do the same with the NFC sticker on the leather back using the same method.

    Two things that I found with the this transplant versus the G3, you need to re-use the thick gray sticker and placement of the contacts needs to be perfect (more so than the G3 was).
    At this point you need to put the QC case wireless parts in the leather back exactly the way you removed them.
    I first tried to do it without the thick gray sticker and my charger would only blink and not charge. Drove me crazy until I put the gray sticker on....
    It appears that there is something in the sticker that completes the circuit (did not have this on the G3, maybe it was all one unit...not sure).

    If you look inside the QC case you will see a raised bump where the lower contacts sat. This is to push up on the contacts when you put the back on. I'm guessing this was needed due to the curve of the phone. I used a small piece of foam with sticky back but a rolled up piece of tape will do. You need to put this between the back of the contacts and the leather back so the contacts are raised up a bit. You will need to use more than you think, the bump you are recreating is pretty pronounced on the QC case. It took about 6 tries for me to get the contacts to match up....(frustrating as hell but you can do it). Or just wait for the eBay wireless stickers....(I have patience)

    I now have a Verizon version with a Tan Leather back and wireless charging (and a basic QC case...LOL.)
    Let me know if I can help.
    06-09-2015 02:05 PM
  2. Brian McMahon's Avatar
    Good plan, there are wireless receivers available with the NFC chip as well like this Wireless Charging Sticker Slim Sticker Receiver Qi with Nfc Ic chip for LG G4 | eBay

    Might be better than butchering a quick circle case and save the hassle but hats off for trying it.
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    06-09-2015 02:35 PM
  3. BBSeattle's Avatar
    Yeah, 3 reasons I went this way:
    1. No patience....LOL
    2. Had tried some of the aftermarket (eBay) with other phones with "so-so" results.
    3. Did this with my G3 and never had an issue with the OE wireless parts.
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    06-09-2015 06:43 PM
  4. maxburn's Avatar
    Interesting tip, never thought of doing it that way.
    06-09-2015 07:13 PM
  5. a22matic's Avatar
    Cool, thanks for sharing. Considering taking orders?!

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    06-09-2015 08:23 PM
  6. Johnston212's Avatar
    Cool, thanks for sharing. Considering taking orders?!

    Sent from my LG-H815 using Tapatalk
    Especially if it can work with the AT&T G4

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    06-09-2015 08:28 PM

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