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    Let me begin by saying I am not getting rid of this phone... there are too many pros to justify that. But these two issues are so pervasive and so annoying for someone like me I need to solve them... or they may drive me insane.

    1)Has anyone found a solution to getting rid of the "finding location" notification. It pops up hundreds of times a day. I've disabled VZW apps, kept high accuracy under location services where only Google App (High) and Google Play (Low) are listed.

    2)So take a picture and then press the share button, a list of apps pops up, and say you choose one that happens to be on the bottom. The next time you take a pic and choose share, the app chosen prior will be at, or closer to, the top. BUT restart the phone and that list gets reshuffled again.... on my G2, the phone remembered app preferences and kept that list organized by frequency of use.... THIS is annoying, because I use VSCO and Snapseed which are also some scrolling distance...

    So let's figure this out.
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    07-09-2015 08:39 AM
  2. dpham00's Avatar
    For the finding location, the only thing that worked for me was to set it in battery saving mode when not using something requiring gps.

    Alternatively you can disable the apps that are using gps one by one, though disabling Google play services can cause problems
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    07-09-2015 09:08 AM
  3. psf57's Avatar
    I turned my location/gps off. Only time I really use it is when I am using Google maps. I tried the camera thing and mine does go back to alphabetical list.
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    07-10-2015 06:38 AM

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