1. jezza19's Avatar
    Hey Guys!

    I just ordered my new G4 and am excited that it has quick charge 2.0 technology. Am I correct in understanding that the charger that comes with the phone does not support quick charge 2.0?

    I bought 2x chargers 1 year ago by Rocketfish which produces a 2.4amp output. I used this on my Nexus 5 - it charged it soooo fast - but I think it severly short circuited it and after having two of them replaced - I think I discovered that the chargers that I used (despite charging incredibly fast) may have been the cause of the phones dying.

    My question is now - because the G4 supports quickcharge - does that mean that this 2.4amp charger is safe to use?? Does anyone have experience in this field etc? Thanks guys!
    10-09-2015 07:02 PM
  2. RedOctobyr's Avatar
    I wouldn't worry. I bought a QC2.0 charger. At best, it charges about 20% faster than stock, 1900mA vs 1600.

    And as the phone warms up, it will slow to about 300mA anyhow in either case.

    Chargers only "offer" current, the phone decides how much to actually draw, assuming the charger isn't defective, etc.
    10-09-2015 10:04 PM
  3. jezza19's Avatar
    Thanks so much!

    However - I had 3 nexus 5 phones and they all malfunctioned over 2 years - and I think in the end the chargers (although genuine and I bought 2 of them from bestbuy) may have been responsible for them malfunctioning????

    Has anyone else got experience with using a 2.4A output to G4 or equivalent phones and can let me know if it's ok!? Is the new qualcomm ship able to limit how much it takes and thus stay safe? Really don't want to ruin my new expensive phone! Thanks!!!
    10-10-2015 06:22 AM
  4. RedOctobyr's Avatar
    I used a bunch of cheap "2.4A" chargers with my G4, though it turned out they really couldn't sustain the claimed current.

    But as I said, the phone often limits the charging current itself to ~300mA as it warms up, it can most definitely limit the current to what it feels is safe.

    I have never heard anyone report actually seeing charge current of 2.4A on the G4, it cannot actually use that much current. The charger could be capable of providing 5A, but the phone will still only draw a certain amount.

    I hope others will chime in, I'm just offering my experience.
    10-10-2015 08:13 AM

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