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    Here is the scenario. I updated SuperSU v2.46 that came with the LG G4 root injection method with SuperSU v2.52 by running the Superuser.apk which basically installed /data/apps/<appname>/base.apk which worked as v2.52 except SuperSU will not install itself to /system even though I selected that option in SuperSU in which it said it will need to do a cleanup and reboot. So I manually renamed the base.apk to SuperSU.apk, changed the owner/group to root/root and kept the permissions as rw-r--r--, moved the file to /system/apps/SuperSU/SuperSU.apk, deleted the /data/apps/<appname> folder for SuperSU and restarted the phone. The only thing is SuperSU does not show up in the app launcher and the SuperSU.apk has the Android icon instead of the SuperSU app icon so I flashed the SuperSU v2.52 zip file with flashfire and it did restore /system/apps/SuperSU/SuperSU.apk with the correct icon except the problem is I noticed with Android 5.1 lollipop, you just can't replace a .apk in /system/app by moving it from /data/app as it will not even show up in the launcher. Not sure if this is a Lollipop thing or a LG thing as on previous Motorola phones running 4.4 Kitkat and below, replacing the .apk will usually work. I've cleared the app cache, deleted the files in /data/dalvik-cache/arm, /data/dalvik-cache/arm64 and /data/dalvik-cache/profiles without deleting the folders as I don't know if it's safe deleting the folders and also clearing the system /cache to see if it makes a difference. Didn't work. Does anyone know how I can fix this because it seems like once you updated to a newer version that installs in /data/apps, even if you delete the /data/apps version, it will not use the /system/apps version and simply ignore it. The only reason I still have root is probably because of the su binary still on the system.
    11-27-2015 01:50 PM

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