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    So when I got my G4 a few months ago, I got with at a kingston 128GB micro SD card. For the first few months it worked perfectly, I managed to store videos on it, and everything worked fine. Then, during one bus journey, i was watching some videos I had downloaded earlier, when suddenly told me something like: "cannot find video, insert external storage with video on it" (cant remember exactly). I tried taking out and re-inserting my SD card multiple times, even reseting my phone, but that didn't work. Eventually my phone told me that my SD card was not formatted correctly, and they could format it, but i'd lose all my data. I eventually did this, and my phone seemed to accept the SD card (not that I really checked). Now though, I tried to re-downloaded the videos I was watching off of the google play store, and it comes up with "External storage must be installed to..." on my notifications, and when I click it, it just goes to the page of the TV show I was downloading. It even says this at the same time as another notification says "SD card inserted"! It was strange as I was watching other downloaded TV shows before it stopped working, but when it stopped, I couldn't go back and watch the one's I had watched. Most recently I connected my phone to a laptop with the SD card in it, but the computer can't detect the SD card either! Please help!
    11-29-2015 03:34 PM
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    Hello. Those are classic signs of a failing sd card. It recognises it temporarily, then asks you to insert.

    When it happened to me it was also a Kingston, though that's not relevant and that one at least lasted 18 months.

    Best not to save anything precious on it, and it seems you haven't. They become corrupted and can have a limited read/write life.

    You can use the chkdsk guide below to try to recover anything vital.

    There are too many fake cards on the market that can also have a smaller capacity than advertised.

    The app SD Insight can read the actual storage available.

    Really only genuine SanDisk or Samsung cards from a reputable seller will serve you well.
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    11-29-2015 06:44 PM

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