1. jamielov's Avatar
    Still love what my g4 camera is capable of. Hands down my favorite camera of all the phones I've owned. The rumored/pretty much confirmed g5 is going to have a dual camera on the back, so my question is what does a dual camera accomplish? Is this a step forward in the camera department?

    When the g4 was getting pre-release hype, the focus def was on the camera quality. The g5 doesn't seem to be giving off that same buzz as of yet. So ive been curious what difference a dual camera makes, or if it is just a passing gimmick.
    01-26-2016 09:41 AM
  2. LeoRex's Avatar
    Well.. depends on what the dual camera is being used for.... HTC did a dual camera, to allow selectable focus and bokeh effects. The problem with that is it is a limited application (and in the case of bokeh, can be replicated via software). It's wasn't really something people had such huge demand for.

    Another application, one that I think might garnish a bit more interest, is true optical zoom, noise reduction and increased low-light capabilities. Phones have extremely tight packaging demands, so a large sensor fronted by a big lens isn't exactly the most attractive option. But a lot of the benefits can be had if a system can be designed around two (or more) compact sensor/lens systems. It's the same concept that astronomers use for VLA telescope systems.... string a bunch of smaller telescopes together and you end up with the equivalent of a massive single telescope.
    01-26-2016 09:57 AM
  3. Hindude's Avatar
    3D imagery?

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    01-26-2016 01:08 PM
  4. LeoRex's Avatar
    3D imagery?
    I sort of put 3D imaging in the 'gimmick' category. I mean, my kids' Nintendo 3DS have dual cameras that can take 3D photos... they are absolute trash cameras, but they do 3D.
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    01-26-2016 01:36 PM
  5. jamielov's Avatar
    That whole "gimmick" angle really has me wondering if the g5 is even going to be an improvement, or even worse, a step back from the g4 camera
    01-27-2016 01:09 AM
  6. LeoRex's Avatar
    I think LG is looking to improve the camera quality, not add gimmicks. I'm fairly confident it'll be better, but incrementally so. It's not like the current cameras are lacking.

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    01-27-2016 06:52 AM
  7. DCTF's Avatar
    Check out a video review for the Honor 6 Plus and you'll see how it works. You can get great HDR effects, post-processing refocus etc.
    01-27-2016 09:03 AM

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