03-05-2016 10:03 AM
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  1. TNCattleDog's Avatar
    According to this article on DL Verizon has updated their Advanced Devices Software Update list to reflect the Update for today February 16th....

    Now, lets wait and see...

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    02-16-2016 07:45 AM
  2. TNCattleDog's Avatar
    Here is a link to the official Verizon Software update page showing the info. Listed as Feb 16, 2016 Software version VS98624C

    LG G4 Software Update | Verizon Wireless

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    02-16-2016 10:15 AM
  3. 804hokie's Avatar
    I have no qualms about updating to this ASAP. If it screws up my phone, I do have plenty of redundant options for comms, but let's hope those aren't necessary. As of 10:55am EST, no update yet.
    02-16-2016 10:55 AM
  4. JayWill's Avatar
    That's good news! All the major US carriers got the Android OS update to the LG flagship by February. I hope it's a trend that continues, and maybe even gets faster. Verizon G3 owners had to wait until April last year if I recall correctly.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-16-2016 11:56 AM
  5. Inders99's Avatar
    Time to disable the update function on my phone.
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    02-16-2016 12:02 PM
  6. smc333's Avatar
    Downloading now..

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-16-2016 12:15 PM
  7. TNCattleDog's Avatar
    Updating now via OTA

    02-16-2016 12:21 PM
  8. swindelljd's Avatar
    I just picked up my phone and noticed it was 49% done with a 947.1MB VZW system software download. Here's hoping marshmallow doesn't break hangouts on VZW like the last update did.
    02-16-2016 12:31 PM
  9. HaboobZ's Avatar
    Good news. I'll give it a few hours to let others see what they think about it.
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    02-16-2016 12:36 PM
  10. Bosgarage57's Avatar
    Downloading now as well. Surprised we got it So quick.
    02-16-2016 12:40 PM
  11. spiraleze's Avatar
    I delayed the update until later this evening after work when I can get onto WiFi and by then (hopefully) see some feedback for this update. Hope it works out good.
    02-16-2016 12:48 PM
  12. smc333's Avatar
    No issues noticed yet. So far so good!

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-16-2016 01:23 PM
  13. 804hokie's Avatar
    Checked after lunch, update is now downloading. I'm going to do a backup before I update. Will be doing a FDR after installation.
    02-16-2016 01:30 PM
  14. talonsmith's Avatar
    Installing right now, wish me luck! Hope I don't lose wifi notifications again
    02-16-2016 01:30 PM
  15. muckrakerX's Avatar
    Mine is installing now, as well.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-16-2016 01:34 PM
  16. bchandler02's Avatar
    I'm also holding off. After the Wifi problems with the last update I don't feel like being an early adopter this time around.

    I'm hoping to hear some general feedback from those that are installing today and see how it goes.
    02-16-2016 02:05 PM
  17. bigslam123's Avatar
    Verizon did it to me again. They keep leaving out features that I really wanted. This time, with MM, they left out the option to merge your memory card into the onboard storage.
    02-16-2016 02:07 PM
  18. Baby_Doc's Avatar
    Installation went smoothly without any problems.

    It took a while to find in settings the "Doze" feature in order to set it to be ignored for certain apps that I always want to run in the background. I found it under "Ignore optimizations" (it isn't called Doze) after pressing on Battery Usage. This feature potentially can lessen battery depletion during longer stretches when your phone is stationary and not being used. It shuts down all unnecessary background programs that waste your battery, , but allows you to override the feature for apps you check off that you want always to run.. I hope this feature works as well with my G4 as it did with my Nexus 7. This feature alone was worth the MM upgrade for my Nexus 7, making a major improvement in battery life during down times.

    Posted via Android Central App
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    02-16-2016 02:49 PM
  19. bchandler02's Avatar
    Verizon did it to me again. They keep leaving out features that I really wanted. This time, with MM, they left out the option to merge your memory card into the onboard storage.
    This is complete BS. They continue to just butcher the OS and take out some of the most useful features.
    02-16-2016 02:59 PM
  20. bigslam123's Avatar
    And I keep questioning them on twitter, and they keep trying to tell me to contact LG, as it is LG feature
    02-16-2016 03:03 PM
  21. 804hokie's Avatar
    Just FDR'd after installing MM. Now I'm restoring the data I want, then will start to put it through its paces.
    02-16-2016 05:17 PM
  22. Mooncatt's Avatar
    Both my original and warranty roulette replacement (yay boot loop) had bugs with system apps. The camera app would act like I had done an app data reset every so often. When I open it, I'm prompted to select geo tagging again, it's changed to jpg only when it should be set to jpeg+ RAW, etc. Google Play will occasionally act like there's no connection when on mobile data, and require a cache wipe to fix.

    For those that updated AND had those bugs, did they get fixed in MM? Being this early, I understand it may be too soon to tell. It's about the only reason I'd want to update. I'm not really interested in doze or adoptable storage.
    02-16-2016 05:37 PM
  23. 804hokie's Avatar
    so far, so good
    02-16-2016 08:51 PM
  24. Leilan's Avatar
    Updated today, nothing noticeably different yet.
    02-16-2016 08:57 PM
  25. HaboobZ's Avatar
    Installed it a bit ago and I've noticed that the 4GLTE is lit back up when on WiFi again and the up/down arrows light up every now and again.

    Liked it better when it was off when WiFi was on... now I'm not sure if it's still trying to use data while on WiFi.
    02-16-2016 09:05 PM
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