1. mkdevo's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Recently, when I plug my G4 into my computer (Windows 7), I'm no longer getting the USB options in my phone's notifications. MTP has never worked with my computer, and it seems to be defaulting to MTP now without an option to change it. When I plug the phone in, the computer recognizes "LGE Android MTP Device", and says "Device driver software was not successfully installed". This has always been the case for me, but I'd be able to change the phone from MTP to PTP (or whatever it's called), and then I'd be able to see it in Windows Explorer and copy my photos off. But now the USB settings don't show up when I plug it in. Any help?
    09-12-2016 09:09 AM
  2. Mooncatt's Avatar
    So when you plug in, it's as if the phone doesn't realize you're connected to a computer? It could be as simple as a bad USB cable (which are notoriously prone to internal damage). My guess is that it's a hardware issue as the root cause, either the phone, computer, or the cable. If it used to work, I kinda doubt it's software related unless you took a system update or something else major with the phone or computer.
    09-12-2016 11:38 AM

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